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For all LoZ fans.
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I'm rarely active anymore on DeviantART, but that's mainly because I've been laying low in the cosplay community. And also the art community. I've really only been working on commissions and my webcomic as of late. If you want to keep up with my random bits of shenanigans, I suggest you follow my cosplay page: Ouja Akuma Cosplay. I post selfies from cons there and random blurbs to prove I'm still alive. Haha.
[and while you're at it, go like Lucifer, my King :la: ]

But the real point of this journal is to share what conventions I'll be attending this year and in the beginning on 2016. I'm also including [which will update as I go] what tables I'll be doing Artist Ally at, along with what new cosplays to expect from me! As I get table numbers and locations, I'll only be posting that on my cosplay page, so there's another reason to follow!

The list:

  • Cosplay America ; Cary, North Carolina
    • Alibaba ; Magi
    • Koga ; Inuyasha
  • Anime Weekend Atlanta ; Atlanta, Georgia
    • Kuroo Tetsurou ; Haikyuu
    • Ryouma Ichijou ; Love Stage
  • Nekocon ; Norfolk, Virginia
    • Noiz ; DRAMAtical Murder
  • Holiday Matsuri ; Orlando, Florida
    • Jinpachi Toudou [School] ; Yowamushi Pedal
  • Katsucon ; National Harbor, Maryland
    • Tsukkishima Kei ; Haikyuu 
    • Venomania Gakupo ; Vocaloid
    • Judar ; Sinbad no Boukan
    • Kashuu Kiyomitsu ; Toukan Ranbu
    • Ja'far [AU Modern] ; Magi
I have a lot of stuff planned so there will be new things rolling out in the coming months! To see progress and what not, again, please follow my page as I will only be posting a few pictures here.


Starlightpharah's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United States
Next Con: Katsucon

Completed Cosplays:
:bulletred: Academy Grell ; Kuroshitsuji OVA "Tale of William"
:bulletred: Colonial Grell ; Kuroshitsuji OVA "Tale of William"
:bulletred: Jack the Ripper ; Kuroshitsuji
:bulletred: Choir Grell ; Kuroshitsuji
:bulletred: NJST Grell ; Kuroshitsuji
:bulletred: Sebastian ; Kuroshitsuji
:bulletred: Charles Gray ; Kuroshitsuji
:bulletred: Unhappy Refrain Gakupo ; Vocaloid
:bulletred: Sandplay Gakupo ; Vocaloid
:bulletred: Camella Gakupo ; Vocaloid
:bulletred: Dantalion ; Makai Ouji: Devils and Realists
:bulletred: Camio ; Makai Ouji: Devils and Realists
:bulletred: Levi ; Attack on Titan
:bulletred: Armin ; Attack on Titan
:bulletred: PJ Levi ; Attack on Titan
:bulletred: Counterattack Levi ; Attack on Titan
:bulletred: Erwin Smith ; Attack on Titan
:bulletred: Nowaki ; JunJou Romantica
:bulletred: Shugarl ; Defense Devil
:bulletred: Dark Pit ; Kid Icarus: Uprising
:bulletred: Kellan ; Dream of Doll
:bulletred: Jack Frost ; Rise of the Guardians
:bulletred: Reisi Munakata ; Project K
:bulletred: Reisi Munakata [Military] ; Project K
:bulletred: Ja'Far ; Magi
:bulletred: Alibaba ; Magi
:bulletred: Koga ; Inuyasha
:bulletred: Kuroo Tetsurou ; Haikyuu!
:bulletred: Ryouma ; Love Stage
:bulletred: Noiz ; DRAMAtical Murder
:bulletred: Jinpachi Toudou [School] ; Yowamushi Pedal

In Progress Cosplays:
:bulletorange: Judar ; Sinbad no Boukan
:bulletorange: Gakupo ; Duke of Venomania

Lucifer Webcomic:
Official Lucifer, my King Facebook Page:…
Cosplay Facebook Page:…

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